We have chosen the STRIPE fully secure payment solution, which guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the data throughout your payment transaction. The closed padlock in the right corner of your browser window ensures that you are in a secure area and that no one can intercept the information you send.

The information you provide on your credit card (number and expiration date) is stored directly and only on the STRIPE server. All this information remains confidential and does not pass through our servers at any time.

We do not store any information about credit card payments. Your payment is 100% safe.

Your code is protected by 3D security technology

3D security technology has been designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent use of your credit card.

It allows real-time authentication, at the time of the transaction, of the cardholder. Therefore, he or she is protected against unauthorized use of your card. To benefit from the 3D authentication service, the cardholder must have previously registered on the website of the card issuing institution.