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Authentic, dreamy and free, that’s you! That’s the portrait of the woman that I imagine when creating my swimwear. A woman who is committed to lasting and unique garments that respect the environment. For you, I created a line of original swimwear, with their own identity, just like you: full of life and color. A perfect companion for beach or pool days, for summer holidays or romantic getaways at the sea. An original swimwear to boost the charm and magic of every woman who wears it!

♫ En el mar la vida es más sabrosa. ♫

I was born in a country with 2,800 km of Caribbean coasts. I grew up by the sea, since I was little I always loved that deep blue, the smell and the sound of the waves. I was always so impressed by the immensity of the sea, I think I say it enough, the beach is my place of peace. It was my father who transmitted me that joy and love for the sea. ♫ En el mar la vida es más sabrosa, en el mar te quiero mucho más ♫, my father sang to me as a child; yes, a Cuban son was my lullaby full of joy and happiness! He still sings it when we go to the beach, and when I hear him, everything it’s ok.

Under the sun of the Venezuelan coasts, the beachwear were almost a uniform for me, since I was a little girl they are my favorite clothes. For me, each swimwear gives you a unique and personal touch. They are outfits with great strength and with a special and unique energy. I always enjoyed choosing the swimwear of the season, the only rule for me is to have fun, obviously, we will use it during our vacations or relaxing moments (unless you have such a good look to work in swimwear).

For each woman to find an original swimwear with her own style and for her to feel beautiful, there was always a variety of shapes and colors on the coast. Bikinis with floral motifs, swimsuits with modern and sexy cuts, bikinis with very little fabric to tan well, or long sleeves for those who escape the sun or for the sporty ones. Fabrics of all types, sueded, shiny, metallic, in short, there is always something for every taste. Just one rule: Always full of color, those typical colors of my Caribbean culture.


A Caribbean girl, finally became a swimwear designer.

My life was in constant movement, between Asia, the old continent and my country of love, but it was in France that I finally decided to settle down, I cannot deny that I was seduced by the cultural richness and elegance of this beautiful country. When I settled here I dreamed of an original summer fashion, full of colors, like my old life in the tropics. But I did not find any of that, instead, all the swimwear were all basic cuts, unicolors, quite "sober" would one say, (I’ll say mostly boring). The few swimwear that were a bit more colorful and original were of very poor quality. Nothing comparable to what I was looking for, that original swimwear that would add a touch of spark to my summers and at the same time of good quality, you know, when you find THE swimwear that is perfect for you, you want to use it for more than one summer! So I was not willing to choose between originality and quality.

An idea was spinning in my head: I dreamed of a kind of gathering between the colors and the dynamism of my childhood and the beauty of French clothing. I wanted to transmit my Caribbean culture and what a better way to do it than through original bikinis, in a collection that would accentuate the femininity, magic and charm of each woman. In January of 2017 I was coming back from my usual Christmas vacation in the tropics, I arrived to a typical Parisian winter: everything was black / gray / blue, I needed more colors in my life! I remember being in the taxi and saying to myself: That is it! It is decided, you are going to do it: create Caribbean swimwear full of life and joy that will make women want to show them with pride, for dreamy women, lovers of freedom and beach sunsets.

But ... How to do it? I do not even know how to sew! Where will I make them? How can I transform my ideas into sewing patterns? How many models? What types of fabrics are the best? Where will I find them? A million of questions, yes, but also a million of answers! The year 2017 was an enormously rich year for me, I did not imagine sitting in the taxi what was expecting me...

(PS: if you want to know all the answers to my questions are here ->. Our entire production cycle completely European ).


Sweet Mellow mi modelo preferido

Authentic beauty


As you can imagine, swimwear are for me a truly lifestyle, I have seen pieces of all kinds, of different colors, designs and prints. And I also know that swimwear are one of the clothes that most exalts women’s body image problems. I know from experience, I spent my days in a swimwear, and despite that I was sometimes ashamed and I didn’t want to show my body. We all were at some point: my sisters, my friends, my cousins ... all women suffer from this! However, I know now that beauty is far from perfect, it is precisely those imperfections that make us what we are: beautiful, free and unique women.

I am convinced that women deserve to be seen and represented as they really are, through their natural beauty. Freeing ourselves from the current codes and stereotypes of beauty is essential for me, that's why at Sweet Mellow we promote self-acceptance and love for every woman's body, whatever it may be. Our photos present a diversified and authentic beauty without any retouching.


Our high-tech recycled fabrics, our ethical and sustainable production values and our dedicated work make Sweet Mellow an authentic and responsible brand.


The Caribbean and its art of living are now within your reach in a line of original swimwear that will transport you to paradise.

Come and discover the Caribbean through Sweet Mellow's first swimwear collection.

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