Today I’m here to talk to you about swimwear! I want to share the good news with you: Finally, the collection of eco-friendly swimwear is almost ready! The prototypes are in production and the fabrics are already defined. And I could not wait to talk to you about the recycled nylon fabrics we're going to use. I loved them!


As you know, Swimsuits and most sportswear are made of petroleum-based synthetic fibers and filled with polluting chemicals. These fabrics do not decompose easily (or do not decompose at all!) And end up, like most of our waste, in the ocean, which is already much polluted! But then, how can we make eco-friendly swimwear or clothing using these fabrics? Come I’ll explain to you.


As I imagine you already know, I am passionate about swimwear and I am absolutely in love with the sea, after many searches and investigations, I finally found a way to reconcile the two: By creating my little treasures and by doing that help to clean the sea. Yes, yes, it is possible! Recover the plastic garbage that pollutes the oceans and kills marine biodiversity to create eco-friendly swimwear full of life and color. I would said it was utopic, but nowadays it is totally possible.


Our collection is here !!


Recycled nylon: Econyl® is more than just recycled, it is a 100% regenerated fiber.

A disturbing study by the Ocean Cleanup Foundation has been published recently. According to this study , garbage found in the "plastic continent" (an agglomeration of garbage located in the center of the North Pacific Ocean) is becoming denser and increasing at exponential levels, about 4 to 16 times larger than expected. Another shocking discovery is that 46% of the waste found is fishing nets or "ghost nets" that fishermen throw into the sea. These ghost networks cause the death of thousands of whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine species every year. On top of that, the networks sink completely, causing damage to the bottom of the sea that we cannot even see.




Econyl® is a type of high quality nylon manufactured entirely from plastic waste found in the ocean (mainly from ghost nets and abandoned carpets). The Econyl® regeneration system is an industrial system created by the Aquafil group in 2011. To manufacture the Econyl®, Aquafil in partnership with Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing recover the abandoned fishing nets in the oceans and seas that are then taken to the Aquafil facilities to be treated and converted into threads. Is incredible! Swimwear made from old fishing nets that allow us to clean the ocean and save marine biodiversity!


The Econyl® has then many eco-friendly qualities: In addition to helping us clean the oceans, oil is saved, since it is no longer necessary as a raw material, carbon emissions are divided by half and, finally, fabrics made in Econyl® are infinitely recyclable without loss of quality, which reinforces the idea of a circular textile industry.


Making eco-friendly swimwear is then possible! Why not in France?

Recycled fabrics are, surely, technical fabrics with complex manufacturing processes, however, the options are at hand. It is now the decision of the brands and designers to take the step towards a production respectful of Man and also of our planet and to use eco-friendly materials. Unfortunately there are still very few brands that use these recycled fabrics, there are several in the United States and only a few European, but none in France. So I decided to go for it! We're going to make our entire SS19 collection with Econyl®! Sweet Mellow will be the first French brand to offer you colorful, original, and also eco-friendly swimwear!


For this new collection I have many surprises! There are, as always, models with exclusive and original prints, and also new metallic fabrics, they are beautiful! And I also designed two classic models, but with revisited and modern cuts, in plain color so that each of you one can find a model that you will like and that will make you feel beautiful while respecting your eco-friendly values at the same time.


You can also help to clean the oceans with your eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear!


Our collection is here !!